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AIC is pleased to announce that The new President of Andinet International College (AIC) Dr. Demewoz Admasu is Appointed on permanent bases.  Effective January 11, 2021 and he directly reports to the CEO of Andinet Education and Training PLC.

We wish him every success in his endeavor with the College and thereby with Company.

In November 2019 the Annual General Meeting of shareholders was held. In this meeting the Board of Directors and External Audit Report were presented, discussed and approved. The Annual General Meeting declared the dividend of the year; it amended the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association; it approved the name change of Dynamic Office Systems PLC to Andinet Education and Training PLC. Subsequently the change of name was also registered by Documents Authentication and Registration Agency and the ministries of Trade and Industry and Revenue.

  • A reform Coordinating Office has been established to coordinate all the projects excepting the IFRS. To that effect.
  • Andinet Education and Training PLC has embarked on 6 projects under the initiation and auspices of the BOD beginning May 2019 under the coordination of the Reform Coordinating Office.
  • AIS Strategic Plan Development Project
  • AIC Strategic Plan Development Project
  • AMIS (Automation Management Information System) Project
  • ISO Certification Project
  • Digitization Project
  • Collaborative Business Partner

The projects are expected to enhance the activities of Andinet Education and Training PLC, thereby those of the two learning institutions.

The AIC project has been completed and waiting for implementation. The AIS strategic plan final draft has been submitted and is being reviewed. The AMIS presentation of final developed Automation Software was presented, but suspended due to COVID-19 Shut down. ISO certification is going on, but also suspended due to COVID-19 after giving introduction training for the Task Force team of AIC & AIS. Collaborative Project has been suspended to changed circumstances. The Digitization Project is in the invitation to tender process.

  • Another major activity was the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). In this project four year accounting including the current year would be reviewed and all assets of the company would be valued. This is a requirement of the government as well.
  • Contact has been created with Digital Africa Education and discussion is going on to start online education for the school and the college. A committee tasked to do the job is expected to present its findings to the BOD. Digital Africa Education is based in the USA.
  • Google classroom and Telegram education is going on in the school and the college. Andinet International School is using Google class from Early Childhood to Grade 12. Andinet International College is using Telegram application for TVET and Degree students. Both programs are going smoothly.

Shareholders and Board of Directors

  • Shareholders meet once a year unless otherwise emergency meeting is required.
  • The Board of Directors meets once a month and reviews activities performed within the month, gives direction to the CEO as necessary.