Andinet International College is one of the subsidiary institutions of Andinet Education and Training (AET) Private Limited Company (P.L.C), formerly called Dynamic Office Systems P.L.C. Andinet Education and Training PLC (AET) is fully engaged in education.

The mission statement of Andinet Education and Training PLC (AET) is:

“To create 21st century global citizens by nurturing the five essential minds: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind by inspiring learners to achieve academic excellence engaged in positive and creative thinking to visualize a dynamic world opportunity, hope and peace for all.”

Andinet Education and Training P.L.C (AET) own Andinet International College (AIC) and Andinet International School (AIS) as its subsidiary businesses. Andinet International College (AIC) was established in 2007, as an institute of Higher Education to contribute its share in producing competent graduates to the country’s needs for educated manpower in the overall development of Ethiopia.

Andinet International College (AIC) began its operation on September 4, 2007 on the eve of the Ethiopian Millennium. It is considered as the gift of the Millennium to Ethiopian people by the Diaspora community partnering with local investors.

Modeled after the reputable tertiary level education institutions in the west, AIC has a lofty goal of delivering quality education. The underpinning motto was “Building Ethiopia _ One student at a time and Knowledge, Discovery and Wisdom” that reflects the ultimate purpose of education. The core philosophy of AIC is, thus, rooted in the belief that education, beyond imparting knowledge, must point the way to self-fulfillment through the development of the entire personality. The college encourages innovative thinking by presenting students with exclusive learning environments to develop their growth as future citizens.

The founders have a vision and dream of helping their country by providing quality education from Nursery to Tertiary Level and make a difference in the quality of education of the country. This dream has been realized by Andinet International School (AIS) and Andinet International College (AIC).

AIC has a mission to prepare students to meet the challenges of a divers, dynamic, increasingly technological and globally interdependent business environment. The college plans to become a center of excellence in the fields of Information Technology, Finance and Business.

This time the College is accredited by Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) to provide undergraduate programs:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management
  • The City Government of Addis Ababa Education and Training Quality Occupation Competency Assurance Authority has also accredited AIC’s TVET in six programs that include:

  • Accounting and Budget Service (Level 1-4)
  • Human Resource Supervision (Level 1-4)
  • Purchasing Operation Coordination (Level 1-4)
  • Marketing Operation Coordination (Level 1-4)
  • Secretarial Operation Coordination (Level 1-4)
  • Information Technology / Hardware and Network Service/ (Level 1-4)
  • AIC has an Organizational Structure having the following core positions: a president who oversees the overall academic operations of the College; a Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate programs; a Dean for TVET programs; Heads of Departments, Internal Quality and Assurance Office Head; Research and Community Service and Short Term Training Officer; Registrar office Head and Library Head.

    So far, Andinet International College has graduated eight batches of students in degree and TVET programs. Andinet International School and the College share the same compound with their own separate campuses. The two institutions share certain facilities, such as soccer field and clinic.

    Mottos of Andinet International College

    AIC’s Motto is an encapsulation of the beliefs, ideas, practices, principles and the way we think of our clients. The College uses the Motto to attract clients and is committed to life-long benefits of clients. Hence, Andinet International College’s Motto is:

  • “Your Life success is our reward !! “
  • Vision

    Andinet International College (AIC) aspires to be one of the best five preferred private higher learning institutions in Ethiopia known for its teaching, research and community service activities by 2030 G.C.


    The Mission of Andinet International College (AIC) is to:

  • Offer quality education in preparing competent and qualified graduates in TVET, undergraduate and graduate programs in flexible modalities;
  • Conduct problem-solving research in a local and national context; disseminate the research findings to stakeholders to transfer knowledge and technology;
  • Provide research-based community intervention endeavors where students and staff of the college shall be the major players;
  • Provide consultancy services to transfer knowledge and technology to the industry
  • Core Values

    Andinet International College, in the pursuit of its Vision and Mission is guided by integrity, commitment, accountability, inclusiveness, excellence, respect, collaboration, innovation, academic freedom, and global perspective.

    Integrity – Trust and Trustworthiness

    Integrity – trust and trustworthiness together characterize our actions – individually and collectively-as a college. We expect our actions to be consistent with our words; we demonstrate honesty, ethical behavior and address the needs of others.


    The College strives to improve our college status; we accept diverse challenges and opportunities at a work place and in the community. We make a wise use of resources, including finance, time, ability, and facilities that the College provides.


    AIC takes full accountability for its actions and activities in the pursuit of achieving the established goals and objectives of the College.


    The College is committed to the principles of equal access and opportunity. We challenge ourselves to be proactive in protecting and advancing the interests of diverse populations and cultures; in breaking the barriers created due to gender, race, physical abilities, economic and social status.


    AIC strives to improve its endeavors in learning, discovery, and engagement. It embraces excellence in creativity, change and innovation to engage and serve stakeholders: students, faculty, communities, and shareholders.


    The College works with a broad range of partners to bring synergy and diverse viewpoints into the College. It believes that sharing ideas and dialogue fosters two-way learning within the College, and with other academic institutions, businesses, industries, government, shareholders, communities, and families. It listens and responds to the needs of a broad range of constituents; it provides opportunities for collaborative knowledge creation.


    Andinet International College (AIC) believes in the innovation of new and creative ideas through the discovery of knowledge in entrepreneurship, research and its application.

    Academic Freedom

    Andinet International College (AIC) works to exercise academic freedom by upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry, through the tolerance of a diversity of beliefs and understanding as well as the open exchange of ideas and knowledge.

    Global Perspective

    The College believes that higher learning institution is a network that links students, faculty, businesses, industries, government and community in the global world. We think globally act locally to shape our actions, and to better serve our stakeholders in the quest to realize a better world.


    AIC, established under the holding company of Andinet Education and Training P.L.C, has two governing bodies, General Assembly and Board of Directors. Its leadership goes down from Board of Directors to Chief Executive Officer and President. Under the president there are Undergraduate & Graduate program Dean and Technical and Vocational Education and Training program Dean.

    AIC has two organs: an Academic Commission and Executive Committee that are responsible for AIC’s academic and administrative matters, respectively.

    AIC to Graduate 174 Students

    The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

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