What makes AIC uniquely INTERNATIONAL?

  • AIC was fully engaged in education with the mission statement: “To create 21st century global citizens by nurturing the five essential minds: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind by inspiring learners to achieve academic excellence engaged in positive and creative thinking to visualize a dynamic world opportunity, hope and peace for all.”
  • AIC was established in 2007 to contribute its share in producing competent graduates to the country’s needs for educated manpower in the overall development of Ethiopia.
  • AIC began its operation on September 4, 2007 on the eve of the Ethiopian Millennium. It is considered as the gift of the Millennium to Ethiopian people by the Diaspora community partnering with local investors.
  • Modeled after the reputable tertiary level education institutions in the west, AIC has a lofty goal of delivering quality education. The underpinning motto was “Building Ethiopia _ One student at a time and Knowledge, Discovery and Wisdom” that reflects the ultimate purpose of education. The core philosophy of AIC is, thus, rooted in the belief that education, beyond imparting knowledge, must point the way to self-fulfillment through the development of the entire personality. The college encourages innovative thinking by presenting students with exclusive learning environments to develop their growth as future citizens.
  • The college plans to become a center of excellence in the fields of Information Technology, Finance and Business.
  • The founders have a vision and dream of helping their country by providing quality education from Nursery to Tertiary Level and make a difference in the quality of education of the country from pre-primary to tertiary levels. AIC has a mission to prepare students to meet the challenges of a divers, dynamic, increasingly technological and globally interdependent business environment.
  • AIC to Graduate 174 Students

    The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

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