The college conducts admission and enrollment to the different programs based on results of the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE), the placement of students according to their choices and the capacity of our Departments. Foreign examinations results must be certified by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for their equivalency to the EHEECE before they are admitted to the college. Admissions and enrollments to all programs are processed by the College Registrar based on the criteria’s passed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Addis Ababa TVET agency.

We have departments like Accounting, Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resource Management, Secretarial Science, and Information Technology in TVET program from level I-IV both in regular and extension admission categories.

AIC to Graduate 174 Students

The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

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