Undergraduate & Graduate Dean

A higher educational institution should be the arena for pursuing truth and intellectual excellence through promoting the habit of free investigation and scholarship through teaching-learning and research, aimed at obtaining and creating knowledge to be applied in advancing productivity and production improvements, that has its own governing rules and regulations.

Andinet International College, is a private higher private education institution established by committed Ethiopian Diaspora abroad and a few investors residing in the country with the motto “Building Ethiopia: One Student at a Time”. It has a vision of being the most reputable private higher education institution in terms of outstanding and reputable quality education/training, research, and community outreach services in Africa by 2025.

The college has three departments. It comprises Accounting and Finance, Business Management, and Marketing Management. These departments’ activities are accountable to undergraduate dean office.

Considering the current market situation, Andinet International College is on progress to get accreditation from higher education relevance and quality agency (HERQA) on Marketing Management, Banking and Insurance, and Logistic and Supply Chain Management on both regular and distance program.

Andinet International College has better capacity to provide quality education on both degree and tvet programs. The college has sufficient facilities so as to achieve its goal, mission, and objectives. The features of the some of the facilities of the college are:

Human Resource (Instructors)

The quality of teaching staffs is one of the most determinant factors for excellence of the program in Andinet International College. To effectively run the programs in the college, all departments have sufficient and qualified MA holder teaching staffs with relevant experience in teaching and learning in higher institutions.

Library and facilities

The success of the programs that are given in the college highly depends on sufficient provision of library service and availability of sufficient facilities. Therefore, the library facilities meet to fit the curriculum demand. The Library is furnished with both physical and digital library for students with up-to-date and sufficient hardcopy and digital books, video presentations, and Power Points.

Class rooms

Suitable class rooms with a capacity of 30–50 students, equipped with white board comfortable chairs are made available.

Computer lab

The college has computer laboratories with sufficient PC’s connected with LAN network having 3mb/sec band width unlimited size is made available, students who have laptop or smart phones can use the College’s unlimited wireless network.

AIC to Graduate 174 Students

The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

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