Internal Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Office was established in accordance with the requirement of HERQA in order to maintain the quality of education in the College. Therefore, AIC Quality Assurance Office works to implement the important policies under the Fourteen Focus Areas of HERQA and produce competent graduates through dedicated quality training.

Major Duties of the Quality Assurance Office

Under the umbrella of these Focus Areas, AIC QAO has the following major duties among others:

  • It checks that students are admitted according to the criteria set every year by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  • It ensures that the teaching and learning activities are performed based on the approved curriculum.
  • The Office checks that the curriculum of each department is regularly reviewed.
  • The Quality Assurance Office is concerned about the College’s recruitment of qualified staff to ensure quality education.
  • It checks that the College fulfills all necessary learning resources for quality education.
  • The Office oversees that assessment/testing is carried out in accordance with the set standards and regulations.
  • The Office checks that all instructors are appraised every semester by their students, peers, and supervisors.
  • It develops the College Quality Assurance Handbook/Manual.
  • It organizes workshops for the teaching staff in order to help them develop skills and experience.
  • The Office conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey and presents the result to the concerned body in order that students’ complaints are effectively handled.
  • It carries out the Internal Quality Audit with a team formed for this purpose to ensure the sustainability of quality education and service for the beneficiaries/customers.
  • It reports the College’s Self Evaluation Document to HERQA so that HERQA’s External Audit Team evaluates the College for its quality education.
  • The Office checks that students get satisfactory services from the Registrar, the Library, Finance, Deans’ office, etc.
  • The publication of our College’s Institutional Quality Audit Report is underway in HERQA’s Publication Series.

    AIC always works towards quality education and quality service!

    Contact details
    Abraham Menna
    Phone: +251 911 686 222
    Working Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 P.M

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