Andinet International College established Research and Community Services office in 2007 under the department of Research and Quality Assurance. The office was renamed as Research and Community Service Office (RCSO) in 2019. This office works to accommodate the expanding role of the office to link between teaching-learning and knowledge generation as well as outreach services of the College. Since its establishment, the office has organized three research conferences and the proceedings of all of them have been published. The published proceedings are disseminated to the public and private higher learning institutions and other relevant industries and organizations.

The general themes under which the three research symposiums were organized were: Higher Education Partnership in Ethiopia, Quality Education for Development in Ethiopia, and Quality of Education in Private Higher Education in Ethiopia.

The conferences aimed at facilitating the exchange of ideas among academicians, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, the private sector and other stakeholders. The conferences also aimed at creating opportunities for knowledge generation, dissemination and sharing of experiences.

The Research and Community Service Office is responsible to facilitate research, publication, community outreach and skills building through need-based or demand-driven training programs. Besides, it works to ensure quality and expand access to research outputs to various stakeholders. AIC is working hard to expand the scope of research work where more staff are involved and where the findings are used as an input for continuous improvement in the teaching and learning activities in particular and stakeholders in general.

In order to meet the requirement of HERQA and also to contribute its share to the development of the country, Andinet International College is dedicated to offer community service and has started delivering the service to the neighboring community. The College is planning to reach vast areas of the community and give access to its services through its highly qualified and committed faculty.

College’s research thematic area is ‘Quality Education for Development’

AIC to Graduate 174 Students

The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

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