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Welcome To AIC

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Andinet International College graduated its 10th batch of Class of 2021/22

The graduation of the 10th batch was held on Sunday, the third of September 2022 in the College premise. It was attended by graduates and family, Andinet Education and Training (AET) PLC Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Directors of AET PLC, the College Community, invited guests and guest of honors.

Guest of Honors were Dr. Teshome Tesfaye and Dr. Woretaw Bezabih. Dr. Tesfaye, founder and leader (for eleven years) of the then Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (now Education and Training Authority), Vice-President of Hawassa and Debub universities, Dean of Wondo Genet College of Forestry, Dean of the College of Haremaya University, and now Vice-president of Unity University, made an educative speech sharing his learning and work experiences, achievements, and passed notes to graduates on professionally ethical services to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Dr. Woretaw made an inspirational speech starting from his childhood ambitions, adolescent experiences and expectation, adulthood journey and ambition and achievements as entrepreneur and entrepreneurship trainer and consultant. His message may be put as you will be what you aspire to be.

Engineer Saba Ataro, Board Deputy Chairperson on her behalf, made a speech starting from the conception to the present state of the College. Her speech made a historical connection between yesterday, today and what is intended for tomorrow. She also duly acknowledged personalities who contributed to make the College a reality for today and a vision for tomorrow.

Certificates, medals and cups were awarded by guests and the Chief Executive Officer of the AET PLC, Mrs. Frehiwot Worku. In all, while the convocation was conducted colorfully, it at the same time was concluded strategically, building a brand and quality anchored University by 2030, said the President of the College, Demewoz Admasu (PhD).

The College Community working together made the graduation convocation successful and colorful. Thanks should go to all!!!

Andinet International College (AIC), the gift of the Millennium to Ethiopian people by the Diaspora community partnering with local investors, and Sister Company of Andinet International School, established in 2007 to contribute its share in producing competent graduates to the country’s needs for educated manpower in the overall development of Ethiopia, is coming with new campus (in Piassa) and new programs (TVET, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Distance Education). Uploaded to our website are two minutes spot and 30 minutes documentary.

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AIC has a mission to prepare students to meet the challenges of a diverse, dynamic, increasingly technological and globally interdependent business environment. Hence, it plans to become a center of excellence in the fields of Business and Information Technology.  Offered programs include Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, and Project Management. Coming soon undergraduate programs are Marketing Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Postgraduate Programs under review are:  MBA, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management. All these programs are/will be offered in regular, extension and distance modalities.   

Accredited  TVET include: Accounting and Budget Service (Level 1-4), Human Resource Supervision (Level 1-4), Purchasing Operation Coordination (Level 1-4), Marketing Operation Coordination (Level 1-4), Secretarial Operation Coordination (Level 1-4), and Information Technology / Hardware and Network Service/ (Level 1-4).

Noting its share in producing competent graduates, efficient business and civil service, AIC has adapted a discount policy on training fees especially to groups from sponsoring organizations as follows.

  • A discount of 5% will be granted to organizations sponsoring 10 students.
  • A discount of 10% will be granted to organizations sponsoring 11 to 15 students.
  • A discount of 15% will be granted to organizations sponsoring 16 & above students.

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Andinet International College had a very impressive and colorful research conference at Yod Abyssinia Hotel on August 20, 2022.

 AIC organized its 4th Annual Research Conference on the general theme Quality Education for Graduate Employability which is the question of our era.

Very senior scholars participated and shared their experiences and views pertaining to the day’s research theme through the keynote speech and panel discussion they conducted. For instance, Dr. Arega Yirdaw, President of Unity University, gave a lifetime lesson concerning the theme of the Conference in particular and quality education at higher learning in general.

He emphasized the stakeholders for high quality or poor quality of education are the government, particularly MoE and ETA, private higher education institutions, the people at large (the community), parents or guardians, students, and employers.

Similarly, Dr. Wondwossen Tamrat, President of St Mary’s University, leading the panel discussion, stressed that the main reasons for unemployment are population growth and limited job creation, the changing nature of employment, rapid proliferation of university graduates, skill shortage and the mismatch of skills. He also spoke of the varied and weak conceptualization of graduate employability. The panelist pointed out that there are responsible parties for graduate employability. For example, the higher education institutions need systematic and active engagement in the issue. Employers and higher education institutions need cooperation rather than criticizing each other.

Guests from relevant government organizations like the Ministry Labour and skills participated and contributed to the productivity of the 4th Annual Research Conference.

The conference had wide range of media coverage by reporters from more than five broadcasting corporations and press which was being transmitted soon.   

It was a very successful event!


Andinet International College  short-term training  office has made big discount for those trainees who come in groups from sponsoring organization

  • A discount of 5% is granted to organizations sponsoring 10 students at a time.
  • A discount of 10% is granted to organizations sponsoring 11-15 students at a time.
  • A discount of 15% is granted to organizations sponsoring 16 and above students at a time.

Certificates are issued to the trainees upon completion of the training.

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