Undergraduate Programs Office

The Office of the Dean for Undergraduate and TVET Programs ensures the seamless functioning of academic teaching and learning, assessment, and research. This Office reports to the Executive Vice President and is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and supervising all academic activities. In addition to overseeing the three undergraduate departments (Accounting and Finance, Business Management, and Information Technology at the undergraduate level), the Dean closely monitors and facilitates the activities of the TVET vice dean, the Office of the Registrar, the Student Support Services Office, the ICT Laboratory, and the Library. These entities play a vital role in supporting the academic endeavours of the Undergraduate and TVET Programs, ensuring a conducive learning environment for students and providing necessary resources for their educational journey. The following are the main activities of the Dean’s Office;

·       Serving as members of the other committees;

·       Carrying out decisions of the Management Committee;

·       Complying with other tasks assigned by the Management Committee and ;

·       Proposing new programs, revisions, dissolution, or amalgamation of programs;

·       Leading and directing the activities of academic departments and units;

·       Managing and overseeing the proper utilization of physical and human resources;

·       Ensuring the College’s policies, rules, regulations, vision, missions, and values are readily available;

·       Fostering good working relationships in the College and with internal and external organizations;

·       Conducting, announcing, and reporting performance evaluations of faculty/school workers;

·       Receiving and implementing corrective actions from the Quality Assurance Office and other relevant committees;

·       Attempting to increase the income generation mechanisms of the faculty/school;

·       Coordinating and leading department heads and activities in the faculty/school;

·       Ensure timely collection of fees and assignment of instructors;

·       Monitoring the timely collection of examination papers;

·       Addressing student appeals in academic matters;

·       Supervising the proper running of classes and units.

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