TVET Programs

AIC has six accredited programs from level II to level IV in regular and extension programs in both Gurdshola and Piassa Adebaby Campus. The programs include;

·       Accounting and Finance

·       Human Resource Management,

·       Purchasing and Supply Management,

·       Marketing and Sales Management,

·       Secretary and Office Administration, and

·       Information and Communication Technology (Hardware and Network Service).

1.     Admission Requirements

·       Successful completion of Grade 10 or 12 national examinations with passing grades.

·       Fulfilment of prerequisites established by MOE.

·       Eligibility criteria include achieving a cut-point score based on academic performance.

·       EGSEC and ESLC applicants must adhere to current and previous educational policies.

·       AIC accepts transferred applicants from public or government universities or colleges.

·       Foreign educational documents must be provided for verification of educational background.

2.     Graduation requirements

·       A TVET Programs student with a major grade point average 50% and a total average of 50% is allowed to graduate.

·       All graduating students should fulfil the required courses, projects, senior essays (if applicable) and the minimum credit hours set by the respective department.