Accounting and Finance

Background of Program

Accounting has grown significantly in the business world due to increasing social, economic, and business needs. However, national and international changes have necessitated curriculum revisions. Ethiopia has adopted IFRS, IPSAS, and ISA, incorporating national changes and international standards. The development was participatory, involving stakeholders like employers and professional associations. The national harmonized curriculum serves as the foundation for the curriculum.

Objectives of the Program

General Objectives: The general objective of the program is to produce proficient graduates with the required knowledge, skill, and attitude to address the workforce demands of the country, more specifically in the accounting and finance profession, and thereby contribute to the overall development endeavours of the nation and beyond.

Specific Objectives: The specific objectives of the program of accounting and finance are to:

  • Respond to the needs of the country for higher-level accountants, auditors, and finance managers;
  • Enable students to process financial data and generate financial reports for decision-makers.
  • Provide students with a sufficient academic, technical, logical, analytical, and professional base from which to pursue a career in accounting and finance and to advance to further study and a potential academic career in accounting and finance.
  • Support the efforts of organizations in designing and/or improving their accounting and internal control systems, upgrading the skills and knowledge of their employees by conducting short-term training and providing consultation services.
  • Enable students to be equipped with relevant analytical and critical thinking and oral and written communication skills.
  • Spot and resolve practical organizational problems while enhancing the profession’s standards by actively encouraging students to participate in applied research.
  • expose students to new developments in information technology relevant to the prospective positions they are expected to assume in the world of work in the areas of accounting, auditing, and finance;
  • Help students become responsible citizens of the nation committed to all sorts of efforts meant for enhancing the economic welfare of Ethiopia.