Business Management

Background of the Program: The importance of business management professionals in today’s competitive world is undeniable. They play a crucial role in society, influencing human resources, marketing, production, operations, materials, and risk management. A curriculum revision incorporated major courses like Introduction to Business, Financial Market Management, and institutions. The revised curriculum of Andinet International College involved senior management professionals and stakeholders, incorporating new courses on international business, banking systems, and financial institutions to better visualize current business concepts and changing trends.

Objectives of the Program

General Objectives: The program aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge of business management, enabling them to innovate, evaluate, and apply methods effectively in real-world problems, thereby contributing to the nation’s development efforts.

Specific Objectives: The program has the following specific objectives of producing professionals who:

  • Produce professionals capable of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling activities of private, non-government, and government organizations.
  • Manage marketing, finance operations, human resources, materials, and information resources.
  • Demonstrate responsiveness, effectiveness, and decision-making abilities.
  • Search and develop opportunities and tackle problems.
  • Face challenges in today’s complex, competitive environment.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative management tools to predict the future.
  • Conduct scientific problem-solving and basic research.
  • Contribute to existing management knowledge, skills, and practices.
  • Contribute to enhancing the country’s economic welfare.