Library Catalogues

A library catalog is a listing of all the items within a library. In pre-computer times, library books were indexed in card catalogs which were cabinets of: author cards, title cards, and subject cards. The Library provides access to e-books through the library catalogue, course pages (which list recommended readings), directly through e-book databases and via a dedicated e-book page.

Currently, AIC Library uses hand copy books and online public access cataloguing (OPAC) at the Piassa campus by Dispace library software application through local area networks and Journal jouster and Research4life in both Undergraduate and Graduate libraries with  Ip address and we use manually at main campuses.

The following are main objectives of using OPAC cataloging system:

v   To enable a person to find a book of which any of the following is known (Identifying objective):

ü  the author

ü  the title

ü  the subject

ü  the date of publication

v  To show what the Library has (Collocating objective)

ü  by a given author

ü  on a given subject

ü  in a given kind of literature

v  To assist in the choice of a book (Evaluating objective)

ü  as to its edition (bibliographically)

ü  as to its character (literary or topical)