Training and Consultancy Office

Since its inception, AIC has provided consultancy and training services to the community. Recently, reforms have taken place to strengthen and aggressively work on consultancy and training services. To this end, the Office has developed the necessary guidelines and policy to enable the consultancy and training services activities per the wider community’s needs. The Office is conducting individual, group and organization-based training and consultancy services. Based on assessed need, the Office plans develops, and delivers or coordinates individual and group training and consultancy services encompassing various technical, operational, management, and/or other skills areas. The office is led by officer appointed  by president  for  Short-Term  Training  and Consultation Services. Reporting to the Executive Vice-President, the Officer  is responsible for the overall activities. Powers and duties include:

·       leads, directs, and coordinates the activities of the Officer of Short-Term Training & Consultancy Services;

·       prioritizes short-term training & consultancy services;

·       prepares and administers short-term (tailored) training programmes; and

·       performs such other duties as assigned by the VP of the College.