Research and Community Service Office

The office is led by an officer. The President shall appoint the officer in charge who is accountable to the Executive Vice-President. The Office  for Research & Community Service is generally responsible for any administrative and academic management activities of the Office and shall have the following powers and duties:

·       Leads, directs, and coordinates the Office

·       creates or organizes resources to ensure that the capacity in research

·       methodology and analytical skills of staff members is developed;

·       documents progress and terminal reports of research projects;

·       encourages departments to engage in research activities;

·       approves financial matters of projects funded by the College;

·       ensures that projects approved for funding are registered and reported to the Office of Research and Publications;

·       Takes leadership role in the preparation of a catalogue, brochures, and other printed materials for the College;

·       serves as a member of the Academic Commission and Management Committee of the College;

·       identifies institutional research priorities and forwards research proposals to prospective national and international donor agencies;

·       prepares annual plans and quarterly reports and presents the same to the Executive Vice- President; and

·       performs such other duties as assigned by the Executive Vice-President.