Graduate Programs

All graduate programs have the following admission and graduation requirements.

1.     Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the candidates of the Master of Science degree program in accounting and finance are the following:

a.     Candidates should pass the National Graduate Admission Test (NGAT)

b.     Candidates should have a first degree in Accounting, Accounting and Finance, banking and finance, banking and insurance, cooperative accounting, business education specializing in accounting or banking or insurance, business management and management from accredited Universities.

           i.     Candidates with Master of Business Administration (MBA), ACCA, CPA, CIMA from accredited Institutions.

         ii.     Foreign applicants can provide an Equivalent from the Education and Training Agency (ETA) in lieu of sitting for the entrance exam.

c.     For banking and finance, management and business management degree graduates, some courses are not taken in undergraduate programs, so they should take by bridge for the undergraduate course classes such as Advance accounting, public finance and taxation, auditing and accounting information systems, and then they can take the master’s degree course related to these courses. 

2.     Graduation Requirements

The candidate must satisfy the general requirements needed by the Andinet International College for graduation. Specifically, he/she should attain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00 with a maximum of one “C” or two “C+” grades in all courses and produce a thesis with a minimum of attaining satisfactory level result. Other issues not covered in this curriculum will be under the mandate of the college Academic Commission.

3.     Degree Nomenclature

The MSc. degree awarded after successful completion of the program is called,

      In English “Master of Science Degree in Accounting and Finance”

In Amharic  የሳይንስ ማስተርስ ዲግሪ  በአካውንቲንግ ናፋይናንስ