Information Technology

Background of the program: Potential employers in Ethiopia have felt the need for a program focusing on Information Technology (IT). IT is rooted in various aspects of government, non-governmental, private, and individual life, leading to a demand for skilled people in troubleshooting, administration, integration, and customization. The government believes ICT is essential for developmental activities, and a BSc in IT is a response to this need.

General Objective: The goal is to produce top-notch IT graduates with a problem-solving mindset by equipping them with extensive knowledge and skills in IT management and ICT infrastructure configuration.

Specific Objectives: Produce graduates with the knowledge and practical skills for managing an organization’s technology and infrastructure needs.

  • Select appropriate hardware and software products and integrate them with organizational needs.
  • Install, customize, and maintain applications for the organization.
  • Work in organizations implementing and managing automated information systems.
  • Plan and manage the technology lifecycle for maintaining, upgrading, and replacing technology.