Registrar Office

Welcome to the Registrar’s Office!

AIC Registrar Office is dedicated and pride to providing quality and essential services to all AIC faculty and students. Thus, we are contemplating and implementing an automated system to assist with student tuition fee payment management, authentication, statistical data delivery, and graduation planning. This will enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately provide a better experience for you. The Office has a vast range of responsibilities, including class schedules, course registration management, academic record keeping, issuing academic transcripts and diplomas, classroom assignments, and administration of student identification cards.

Among others, the Office has the following roles and responsibilities.

·       Establish proper mechanisms and instruments for student recruitment, admission, placement, and orientation;

·       Facilitate entrance exams, accept enrollment applications, and receive basic requirements for admission;

·       Prepare and submit the College’s Academic Calendar to the Academic Commission for approval.

·       Develop and implement an efficient and effective student information system, including student record management, to collect, process, deploy, and disseminate information and data for all students.

·       Provides academic record reports to instructors and students

·       Prepares list of students recommended for graduation and submits to the  approval of the Academic Commission;

·       Maintains accurate, confidential, and permanent records of students, including drop-outs, dismissals, withdrawals, and alumni; and

·       Prepares and analyzes statistical data for strategic and administrative purposes and respond to inquiries on academic policies, regulations, and student records.