Background: Andinet International College is one of the subsidiary companies of Dynamic Office Systems (DOS) Private Limited Company (PLC). Dynamic Office Systems is fully engaged in the education sector. The mission statement of Dynamic Office Systems is:

“To create 21st century global citizens by nurturing the five essential minds: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind by inspiring learners to achieve academic excellence engaged in positive and creative thinking to visualize a dynamic world opportunity, hope and peace for all.”

As it is shown above, the PLC is purely motivated to engage in academic endeavor; it works to nurture human mind so that graduates from its academic institutions will acquire not just knowledge and skills, but also the discipline, ethical and attitudinal elements and critical and independent thinking through which they will fit the requirements of the dynamic local and global market.

To achieve this, Dynamic Office systems owns Andinet International College (AIC) and Andinet International School (AIS) as its subsidiary businesses. The College has been accredited by the former Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency, HERQA, now Education and Training Authority, ETA, to provide graduate and undergraduate programs in Accounting and Finance, Information and Communications Technology, Business Management, and other technology and business related fields in regular and distance modalities now under ETA review process. Its TVET programs have been accredited by Addis Ababa City Administration TVET Bureau and its programs include Basic Clerical Support (level I), Basic Account Works (level II), Accounts & Budget Support (Level III), Accounts & Budget Service (Level IV), Database Administration (Level III) and Database Administration (Level IV).

So far, the College has graduated eleven batches (total of 1,258 graduates) both undergraduate degree and TVET programs. At present, the total number of students enrolled in both regular and extension classes including Remedial program in both Gurd Sholla and Piassa Tewodros Adebabay Campuses is about 600.  Compounded in a separate campus and its land, the College shares certain facilities, such as soccer fields and clinic with the School, Andinet International School.

The College is also engaged in various short-term training (over 80) and consultancy areas and activities both in regular and tailored modalities.

The College runs its programs in two campuses, Gurd Shaolla around Lamberet Bus Station between the roads from Megenangna to Ayat and Kara, and Piassa Tewodros Adebabay, top tip of Churchil Road.


Vision: AIC aspires to be one of the best five preferred private higher learning institution in Ethiopia acknowledged by its education, research and community service activities in 2030 G.C.

This vision statement is built upon with courage that the provision of quality educational services in different modalities in the country will influence everyone to make AIC their first choice of higher learning after ten years from now. If AIC mettles to this vision, to become a preference to all, this vision urged AIC to diversify horizontally both in undergraduate degree and TVET programs, open graduate programs and distance education programs. Additionally, AIC needed to have additional campuses both within Addis Ababa (Tewodros Adebabay Campus since 2023) and out of Addis Ababa soon. The mission statement also enfolds the four pillars of higher education such as teaching/learning, research and community service, and short-term trainings.


Mission: The missions of the college emanate from the mandates established from the Higher Education Proclamation. The following are the missions that AIC should accomplish:

  • Offer quality of education in preparing competent and qualified graduates in TVET, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in flexible modalities;
  • Conduct problem solving research in local and national contexts and disseminate the findings to various stakeholders so as to transfer knowledge and technology;
  • Provide research based community intervention endeavors where students and staffs of the college shall be the major players;
  • Provide consultancy services where knowledge and technology will be properly transferred to the industry.
  • Provide need based and tailored training services whereby knowledge, skill and attitude gaps will be filled for employees, and job search enhanced for job seekers.


Educational Goals:  Our educational goals are designed to trigger the teaching, learning and assessment processes and research and community intervention in TVET, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Educational goals AIC strives to achieve are:

  • Equip the teaching-learning process with appropriate technology;
  • Maintain a balance between theory and practice;
  • Offer quality of education areas with sufficient market demand in all modalities;
  • Offer quality training in areas with local and global market demand in all modalities;
  • Institute continuous development practices for the staffs of the college;
  • Create a healthy and conducive teaching/learning environment; and
  • Create a conducive research and community service environment in the college.

Values: Andinet International College, in the pursuit of its mission and vision, should be guided by our core values of integrity, commitment, accountability, inclusiveness, excellence, respect, collaboration, innovation, academic freedom, and global perspective.

Integrity – Trust and Trustworthiness: Integrity – trust and trustworthiness, together, must characterize our actions – as individuals and collectively as a college. We expect that our actions will be consistent with our words; and that we will demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior and will address the needs of others.

Commitment: We enthusiastically strive to improve our college, and we eagerly accept diverse challenges and opportunities both at work and in the community. We pledge to make wise use of resources, including financial resources, time, ability, and facilities that the College provides.

Accountability: The College believes that we should take full accountability for our actions and activities in the pursuit of achieving the established goals and objectives of the College.

Inclusiveness: We are committed to the principles of equal access and opportunity. We constantly challenge ourselves to be proactive in protecting and advancing the interests of diverse populations and cultures, and in breaking the barriers due to gender, race, physical abilities, economic and social status.

Excellence: We strive to continuously improve in the areas of learning, discovery, and engagement. We embrace excellence in creativity, change and innovation in order to engage and serve all stakeholders: students, faculty, communities, and shareholders.

Collaboration: We work with a broad range of partners to bring synergy and diverse viewpoints in to the College. We believe that sharing ideas with dialogue fosters two-way learning within the College, and with other academic institutions, business, industries, government, shareholders, communities, families, and citizens. We first listen and then respond to the needs of a broad range of constituents, providing opportunities for collaborative knowledge creation.

Innovation: AIC believes in innovation of new and creative ideas through the discovery of knowledge by entrepreneurship, research and its application

Academic freedom: AIC works to exercise academic freedom by upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry, through the tolerance of a diversity of beliefs and understanding as well as the open exchange of ideas and knowledge

Participatory Leadership: The President of the College assisted by the Executive Vice-President and advised by the Academic Commission and the Managing Council of the College entrusts participatory leadership. This leadership model fitting to this private sector shall be ensured at all levels with the participation of stakeholders concerned.  

Global Perspective: In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, we believe that higher education must become a network that links our students, faculty, businesses, industries, government and community within the global community. We think globally to shape our actions, in order to better serve our stakeholders in their quest to realize a better world and act locally.

[Mottos: Our motto is not something we consider simply to possess but it is an encapsulation of the beliefs, ideas, practices, principles and the way we think of our esteemed clients. The motto is established based on the achievements that clients secure in using the diverse services of the College such as education and training, short-term training, and research and community service interventions. In other words, the College may use this motto as a system of attracting clients by promoting that it is always committed such that the benefits of clients precede over the benefits of the College. Hence, our motto goes as: Your  Life Success Is Our Reward!

AIC anchors on branded quality education.