EVP Office

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the College. S/He is the second person in AIC’s top leadership and reports to the CEO on administrative matters and to the Board of Directors on academic matters. The President of AIC is assisted by Executive Vice-President and chairs the Joint Academic Commission, Executive Committee, and the Managing Council of the college. In the absence of the Presient, the Executive Vice-President, acting as Deputy Head of the College, takes care of the day to day operations of the College.

Powers and Duties of the President, among others,  include:

·       lead, organize, coordinate, and control the functions of the College;

·       represent the College at all levels and in its relations with third parties;

·       ensure the preparation of the short- and long-term plans of the College;

·       ensure the proper allocation of human, material, and financial resources at all levels of the College;

·       endorse or conclude agreements with domestic and foreign institutions made by the College;

·       approve the employment, assignment, promotion, and termination of College staff;

·       observe and ensure the implementation of decisions and resolutions reached by the Academic Commission and Management Committee;

·       prepare, present, and defend annual and other reports to the College Academic Commission and the Management Committee;

·       chair meetings of the Academic Commission and the Management Committee; and

·       ensure that the activities and practices of the College are in line with the government regulations, the education and training policy of the country, and Legislation of the College.