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Andinet International College held an Induction Program with new entrants and existing faculty and management staff of Andinet Education and Training PLC, and Andinet International College today, August 5, 2022.

The aim of the program was to bring together the new staff to share their experiences of working in Higher Education Institutions and help them learn more in supporting AIC in its multidimensional expansion endeavors. In other words, the aim was to welcome new faculty, share experience, get inducted to the College and to the Company, and to become aware of duties and responsibilities so that the College’s vision and mission will be accomplished successfully.

In this program, the existing management and academic staff from Andinet Education and Training PLC, and Andinet International College introduced policies, procedures and prospects of the PLC, the holding company, and Andinet International College, the subsidiary institution.

All Deans of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Distance Education Programs, Management offices of both Andinet Education and Training (AET) PLC, and Andinet International College (AIC), and other concerned offices shared their experiences to the new faculty. On the occasion, Dr. Demewoz Admasu, President of AIC, underlined the significance of competence, qualification, and experience of the staff to realize the vision of the expansion venture.

The Induction Program, which 41 invited staff attended, was very productive where all participants actively participated and contributed their shares by reflecting their constructive comments and commitment for further improvement

Thanks to the invitation, December 13, 2021,we leaders of Andinet International College accompanied the visit organized by Andinet Education and Training PLC. and Andinet International School in their support of victims and injured Ethiopian Army at Bela Defense Force Hospital. The visit and the support of the Company (Birr one million) and the School (300,000 ETB worth of clothing and medicine) was highly appreciated. Yet, it is the minimum we could do to the army who gives life to our land; our home (our fathers and ancestors were born, grown, die, and became its soil; we pass through same; and pass it to our children).

On behalf of the College, I noted that we stand together for this noble/home cause and the College Community are collecting finance, clothing and other items to victims and displaced families. Once our organizers finalize, we can reach them as soon as we could and they need it.

Demewoz Admasu (PhD) is appointed as President of Andinet International College (AIC), private College founded in 2007 by Ethiopian scholars in the Diaspora in collaboration with local professional investors whose vision and dream is helping the country by providing quality education and training. AIC warmly welcomes Dr. Demewoz and entrusts him to elevate the College following the Five-Year Strategic Plan.

Dr. Demewoz (PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership, MA in Educational Psychology, and BA in Education from Addis Ababa University) taught and researched in and also led higher education institutions for over three decades. He was a founding Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs of Kotebe University College (KUC), Vice President for Academic Affairs of Kotebe Metropolitan University (KMU), and Vice Dean for Academic and Research Affairs of the then Kotebe College of Teacher Education (KCTE). He has been instrumental to transform KCTE to affiliated College, to KUC, to KMU, and to Kotebe Education University (KEU). KMU was the first of its kind in Ethiopia. So is KEU. Dr. Demewoz has published a book titled University Governance: Autonomy and Accountability in Ethiopian Public Institutions, and recently co-authored introductory text book of Psychology. His other publications include: University Governance, University Autonomy, Ethnocentrism and Ethnic Conflict, Gender, Graduate Employment, and Academic Career Development.

With such level presidency AIC, sister Company of Andinet International School (AIS), is committed to transform itself to a University College and then to a full-fledged University. As committed are the company owners, the leadership at all levels, (teaching) faculty, administrative support staff, family, students and their union, AIC aspires and commits itself to be one of the best five preferred private higher learning institutions in Ethiopia known for teaching, research and community service activities by 2030.

Your Life Success Is AIC’s Reward!


AIC  to graduate 174 students with Degree and Certificates

The Academic Commission of Andinet international College, which is one of the highest decision making body in educational matters, has declared September 19, 2021 to be the 9th batch graduation day.

 On the day, about 174 students will graduate with Degree and Certificates from Regular and Extension programs. Out of these prospective graduates    53 will be Degree and the rest 121 TVET class students.

 As this Graduation is the second one after COVID_19 pandemic, it is unique and very significant in the life of our students who faced all the challenges and become successful in their studies.

The College management has already established an eleven- man committee to organize the graduation ceremony.

The last batch Graduation was held on January 24, 2021 at its main campus where a total of 169 students were graduated from Degree and TVET programs.